World Refugee Day And Our Commitment As Translation Service Providers



Jorgelina Capaccio


World Refugee Day and our commitment as translation service providers

As part of our mission, we want to speak to people’s hearts in their own language. In an increasingly interconnected world, global understanding has never been more critical; translators and interpreters, therefore, play a very significant role in overcoming language barriers in any international context, but that role assumes an added dimension in migration contexts. It is of paramount importance to understand the needs of asylum seekers, displaced persons and refugees throughout the migratory process.


That is why, when working with governments, NGOs and other international organizations such as UNHCRACNURCAREF, and ORAM, among others; of the many tasks in which we are needed, the interview for refugee status is one of the most important roles. Being recognized – or not – as a refugee will have direct consequences for the life and well-being of the applicant and his/her de Ella family de Ella, so we have a great responsibility in helping make the communication between the asylum seeker and the interviewer accurate and easy.


It is a question of human rights and bridging the cultural gap

In general, people who migrate or seek asylum are in vulnerable situations, let alone if they do not understand the language of the new country in which they are seeking asylum and where they will have to deal with legal documents, paperwork and even sometimes health issues.

In these cases, it is a right for the people who do not understand the language to have access to an interpreter. Our role also becomes crucial in building the cultural bridge that not only helps to understand the formalities of the process but the adaptation to a new cultural context.


It is essential that we are prepared to face difficult situations that require a special sensitivity towards what is different and vulnerable.


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