Jorgelina was trained in Buenos Aires, first as a literary and technical-scientific translator of English-Spanish, and later as a sworn translator and social anthropologist. She trained internationally in various areas and worked for British and Danish organizations. Today she is a court translator and teaches at University. She is responsible for training and supervising the junior team.

Jorgelina Capaccio

Founding Director

Dora is DBA (Doctor of Business Administration) and MBA from Henley Business School, from the United Kingdom. She holds a Business Administration Degree from UADE. Dora is a practitioner and was in charge of a business website launch in early 2000 and worked in International Trade logistics for 9 years in late 90´. Dora is associate professor at UADE (Universidad Argentina de la Empresa), where she lectures Strategic Management and is under graduate level thesis supervisor and examiner.

Dora Rizzuto


"I am very curious and committed. With a quite restless mind, I am always trying to learn more about my fields of interest. Thanks to a great intuitive personality, I talk every day with my inner child to reach those projects that feed my adventurous soul".

Natasha Aznar

Junior Associate

Copywriter and Innovation

"I am curious and creative. I love learning about different cultures and reflecting that knowledge in my work. I am also keen on interpretation and would love to keep learning and discovering this beautiful profession".

Agustin Rivas

Junior Associate

Cultura – Interpretación

Sworn translator. Specialised in legal texts but I also train myself to translate medical and scientific texts. I love the art of animation in general, but Japanese animation is definitely a fav. I am a tales and stories lover. I also play the guitar and cultivate my love for languages. I study French, Russian and next on my list are German, Japanese and Latin.

Camila LLobet

Sworn Translator

Senior Associate,
legal and medical

Sworn Translator. I started to learn English when I was 8. In addition to working as a translator, I teach English as a foreign language at multinational companies. I like writing, singing and watching my favourite series, and I enjoy spending time with my loved ones, going for walks and watching my favourite football team play.

Nadia Morales

Sworn Translator

Senior Associate,
legal and education

"Faithful to my career path, I am always reading a book or binge-watching a foreign TV show. Though mostly interested in subtitling, I enjoy any kind of field of translation and hope to further specialize in the years to come".

Valentín Cristaldo

Junior Associate

Digital Media

The team of certified professionals has a track record of more than 20 years in the field of translation, linguistics and other disciplines.

Seniors professionals take care of the entire translation process and pass on their knowledge to the junior team who gain experience while training.

Twenty years ago, our first translation projects were simple, with just a few words, some personal documents that required legalization and the Hague Apostille, or instruction manuals for the operation of household appliances.

We also work pro bono for social projects that require international funds.

Our commitment to deliver the highest quality to our clients made word of mouth bring us closer to projects that required a lot of knowledge and expertise.

This is how part of our team specialized in the field of art, translating film scripts for festivals, plays, and storybooks.

On the other hand, another group specialized in the field of medicine delivering: medical transcriptions, translations of technical data sheets, package inserts, catalogs of medicinal equipment, scientific papers, among others.

Some members of the team come from disciplinary backgrounds beyond the languages, which means that their knowledge and experiences are fully translated into the projects they take on.

We have experience serving large organizations as well as nonprofits and individuals with projects that need to be communicated.