Language Translation Services Online

What Languages ​​Do You Translate?

Do you wish to reach an international audience? Your prospective client is out there, do you speak
their language?
At CLS we specialize in all variants of Spanish to English translation service, Portuguese and Chinese but our international network of language experts covers many more languages ​​including Nordic, Asian, Arabic, and some indigenous languages ​​of Latin America.

Language Translation Services Online – The World In
Your Hands!

No matter how challenging the project is, at CLS we are ready to meet your multilingual needs. Our professional, native translators and subject matter experts will adapt, translate or transcreate the content of your document, app, website, or contract to the language you need.
Share your content with the world, and team up with CLS, a one-stop shop for your company’s translation needs. We work hard around the clock to deliver accurate, cost-efficient translations and localization services to help you reach your target audience.

Our Speciality: English, Chinese, and Spanish with their variants.

However, we can take care of your project in any language you wish, including some indigenous languages ​​​​of Argentina.