Online Sworn Translation Services

This type of service attaches a certificate of authenticity to your Spanish-English translations.

Whether you need a notarized translation of a contract, personal document, academic document or other, we will provide a certified, Apostille or notarized translation. Our services are USCIS approved.

Sworn Or Certified Translation Services Online For Any Industry

Our team of sworn translators will guarantee the quality of your translated document. “Sworn” or certified translations are the translations of any type of document, performed by a sworn translator. Usually these documents are court judgments, letters rogatory, contracts, records, statutes, academic transcripts.

Sworn/Certified Or Notarized Translation?

Online sworn translation services are provided by a sworn translator who will attest that the translation is accurate and is a true copy or replica of the original document, signs it and, depending on the country, will have the translation certified by the Association of Public Translators . On the other hand, a notarized translation requires the intervention of a notary public to attest or certify the authenticity of the process.

Sworn Translation

Apostille Translation?

The Apostille confirms the origin of the document. Only countries that were parties to the Hague Convention 1961 can provide Apostilles. If your country was not a party, then the Consulate of the country you need to present your translation to can provide the certificate of origin.

Unsure of what type of translation you need? Do not worry, we know this process inside-out and will be ready to advise you.

We can also provide: terminology databases, editing, chuchotage, interpreting, localization, proofreading and editing, transcreation, transcription, and intercultural consultancy.

Every document is treated confidentially. Your project is safe with us. Request your translation quote.

Translation Services: What Are They?

The way to get information into multiple languages is through translation services. If you’re looking for a book on a particular subject, for instance, you might find a valuable resource written in a language you don’t understand. On the other hand, you can get translation services to translate your work so that it can be read by more people. Thanks to translation services, understanding content is unrestricted in every sense.

Due to increased global trade, the formation of political-economic blocks, immigration, and tourism, sworn translation has recently taken on a significant role.

What is it, though? Generally speaking, online sworn translation refers to an officially recognized translation of a legal document or any document that must be accepted in a legal situation, such as birth certificates, academic certificates, or declarations. If a translation is to be used for administrative needs or governmental requirements, sworn translations are always required.

When is a Sworn Translation Service Necessary?

When a legal document needs to be translated for submission to an authority in the client’s home country or another country, “certified”, “sworn”, or “notarized” translations are necessary.

Most of the time, these translations are the only formats that town halls or courts will accept for legal dossiers.

Documents pertaining to civil statuses, such as birth, marriage, or death certificates, diplomas, court rulings, or extracts from a Chamber of Commerce are examples. Of course, this list is not all-inclusive.

What is a Certified Translation Service?

A translation’s certification primarily serves to attest it was performed by a qualified certified translator. A professional translation that has been verified and attested by a certifying authority, such as a Translators Association or other depending on the country where the translation is carried out.

You might need to bring documents that need to be translated into English into the United States if you’re an international business operating there (or another language). The translator completes the work and submits it to the certifying authority. The translator’s credentials will be examined to make sure that your document was translated by a certified translator.

The certification will state that the translation is a true and accurate representation of the original document.

What Situations Call For Certified Translation Services?

If you are a foreigner and must submit documents to a regulatory body, an immigration service organization, a court of law, or an educational institution, you will need certified translation services. Each certified translation has its own set of requirements. A certified translation may need to be notarized or to carry the Apostille depending on the agency.

Sworn Translator Spanish to English

The emergence of technological innovation has accelerated the rate at which our world is changing, having an impact on everything. English and Spanish speakers come from all over the world, whether they work in the construction, hospitality, or healthcare industries. People from all over the world enjoy learning English while traveling for entertainment or professional exposure, while businesses frequently employ interpreters to ensure efficient international business operations.

Translation From Spanish to English or vice-versa: Does It Help Your Business?

Without a doubt, yes!

Your company will enter a new phase of growth and development when you translate from Spanish to English or the other way around. As more people visit your page, conversion rates will suddenly increase, and you may receive fruitful leads from your Spanish-English translation project.

Today’s world still has a huge need for translation. Clear and effective communication between languages and cultures is now required in our multilingual and multicultural world. You will be able to communicate more effectively and with more people than you could have ever imagined thanks to the power of translation.

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