A team of professional linguists and expert
translators will translate the message you
want to convey in the language you need.

At CLS we what we do. We translate.

Professional Translation Services

We Translate The Message You Want To Convey Into
The Language You Need.

We Work “Glocally”

Communicate across borders. Take your project, business, or dream to the next level.


CLS & Partners Ltd is a professional translation services provider. Our team has a proven track record of more than 20 years in the field of translation, interpreting, and consulting. Senior industry professionals and subject matter experts take care of the entire translation process of your project to help your company or organization add value and reach new markets. The translation goes beyond words, so at CLS, we tell the whole story to the audience you want to reach. No matter how challenging the project may be, our professional human translators and subject matter experts are ready to meet your expectations. We can adapt your marketing strategy to the cultural environment where you want to do business. The translation services online are effective if it really conveys the message you want to convey. It is nothing more and nothing less than the message in its wide sense.


Our mission is our commitment to transparency and continuous improvement, so quality assurance and customer satisfaction are at the top of our minds. We follow ISO 17100 and ISO 9001 standards to guide our processes and guarantee quality and accuracy.
We provide professional translation services online to public and private institutions but other services include Legal translation, transcription, transcreation, subtitling, proofreading, linguistic and intercultural consultancy, website and software localization, video game localization, medical translation, scientific and technical translation, financial translation, editing, interpreting, and more.


At CLS we work around the clock and this dedication to each translation project is shown by the customer satisfaction and experience shown by our clients who recommend our services word of mouth. Your client might be out there, do you speak their language? Apart from conveying the message you want to the audience you need, a unit at CLS provides a tailor-made match-making service to enable you to reach potential clients in several languages. If you want to engage with an audience that speaks a language other than yours, do not hesitate to come to us!


We are proud of our company, let us be your first choice for professional translations. Whether a large multinational or a start-up from varied industries our commitment is to adapt to your unique needs and to deliver accurate, cost-effective translations adapting the message you want to convey to the language you need.
Every day we help organizations and individuals get their global content right on their websites,
contracts, apps, intranets, videos, manuals, and more. Get your quote at info@clspartners.co.uk ! service

What we do?

We translate. To be noticed, size does not matter. Whether it is a large organization or a start-up, we will accompany your internationalization process along the way.


Our team uses technology to tailor an efficient quality service. 100% human.

you need it.

Every day we help organizations and individuals get their global content right on their websites, contracts, apps, intranets, videos, manuals and more.


We observe strict confidential and process rules. Each translator, PM and linguist signs a non-disclosure agreement to keep your project safe.

With us your project is safe.

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