Startups in Latam: Matchmaking

Matchmaking and translation 

These are two distinct concepts, but in a way they are interconnected. In a world where people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds wish to connect for
business, tourism, health or other reasons at CLS we can help bridge the distance.
As agents of Bayes Business School (London City University) @bayesbschool we support
the Startups in Latin America programme. The programme has been running online since
2020 and we are happy to see the 4th succesfull year. Students from all over the world
studying at City University offer their expertise to Latin American entrepreneurs by putting in
practice al the theories and frameworks learnt in the classroom.

In B2B relationships where partners speak different languages, our input plays a crucial role
in facilitating communication and cultural awareness. This is especially important for
maintaining strong connections.

The National University of Mar del Plata (Buenos Aires) has confirmed their participation for
next semester via their Incubator. Selected startups will receive tailormade consultancy
delivered by Bayes’ students. More Incubators will join for sure!

We are grateful to City University for trusting us. Helping entrepreneurs to boost their
businesses makes us feel important and part of their growth process.

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