Servicios de localización

The process of adapting a piece of content’s full meaning for a different region—including localization translation services, accompanying imagery, and cultural factors that affect how your content is perceived—is known as localization. Users are more receptive to fully localized content than simply translating English words because it incorporates pertinent cultural nuance to feel familiar.


What makes professional localization services?

While the human element is crucial for localization, there are other factors to take into account when looking for localization services. In order to guarantee quality, consistency, and efficiency throughout the localization process, professional localization providers also need to have the appropriate systems and procedures in place.

Localization service providers are able to scale their operations and manage big localization projects without sacrificing quality thanks to a combination of technology and localization know-how.

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When should you use localization services?

Localization services can help your business grow, whether you’re just starting to explore new markets or you already have a clientele spread across several nations. Additional uses for localization services include:

  • Launching in new markets
  • Increasing your company’s presence in current markets
  • Increasing commitment and loyalty
  • Maintaining a consistent brand identity across markets

Localization and Translation services: The localization process, which includes adapting every aspect of your corporate identity to fit the preferences of your target market (including unit and currency conversion, date formats, imagery, legal requirements, and various technological standards), is frequently started with translation.

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Translation is just one aspect of localization

While localization also includes technical and visual solutions, translation only addresses linguistic and cultural issues. It ensures that the content is fully functional in various languages so that your brand experiences are felt by customers around the world.

In order to improve workflows and better manage localization projects, the best and most experienced localization translation service providers use a variety of localization tools and procedures.


Game Localization Services 

Let’s look at some of the main benefits of adding more locales and languages.

Your game will be much more likely to be purchased, played, and have in-game add-ons sold if it is “exactly right” for the local audience in terms of voices, titles, descriptions, documentation, and website.

When you work with CLS & Partners Ltd for video game localization services, you can benefit from their extensive experience—spanning more than ten years—in using agile processes and programming techniques to translate and localize games.

Professional video game localization significantly improves this experience by ensuring that language does not detract from gameplay or in-game purchases but rather accelerates them.


Choose the best game localization service

Localizing games is a difficult process. Make sure that any agency you are considering has a strong track record of success if you need professional gaming localization, as many other businesses are unable to offer such evidence. Our 99.45% Customer Satisfaction Index at CLS & Partners Ltd. demonstrates that we are recognized throughout the world for offering top-notch localization solutions.

At CLS & Partners Ltd., a multidisciplinary team is better equipped to get you ready for the global market.