Chinese-to-English Translation Service

English and Chinese are very different from one another despite being two of the most widely spoken languages in the world; each has its own linguistic nuances and complexities. Chinese is a highly contextual language, which means that even minor adjustments to a phrase &  character structure can completely change its meaning. This presents a challenge for any professional translator, who needs to fully comprehend the meaning of a sentence and the nuances of the language to prevent misunderstandings.

The intended audience of a piece of translated writing must also be carefully considered because there are seven different Chinese dialects and many more regional dialects that are frequently not mutually understandable. Only translators who have a thorough understanding of regional differences can be relied upon to produce work that has the desired effect because a piece of writing that appeals to one segment of the population may not appeal to another. A Chinese translator must also be equally confident in their command of the English language because it is a language rich in its own idioms and convolutions in order to prevent any loss of meaning in their translations.

Chinese-to-English Translation Tips

● Traditional vs Simplified Chinese

The People & s Republic of China started the process of writing Chinese more simply. As a result, Traditional and Simplified Chinese became two distinct writing systems. Choosing which language to use based on the location of your target market is a fairly simple process.
Traditional Chinese is more common in Taiwan and Hong Kong, while Simplified Chinese is more common in Malaysia, Singapore, and the Mainland of China.

● Avoid Machine Translation

Machine translation (MT) should always be used with caution, but it should be taken extra care when translating from Chinese to English. Chinese and English are very different from one another not only in terms of the languages they speak but also in terms of the cultural
and social norms to which they adhere.

A Professional Chinese-to-English Translation Company For You

The use of Chinese-to-English translation services is now crucial for business growth and effective communication.

At CLS &  Partners Ltd we offer the highest-quality Chinese translation services on time and within budget thanks to a solid network of online certified Chinese translators.

Your Chinese-to-English translation projects will always be well taken care of.

We provide English, Chinese and other languages for a variety of industries, including legal, personal, emigration, financial, retail, manufacturing, advertising, technology, and government.

Flexible pricing for our traditional Chinese to English translation services

Based on the need for the translation and your budget, we assign translators to your project.A Project Manager will give you a full explanation of your options and our team will always  deliver high-quality translations within your price range.

The price of a translation depends on a number of variables, including:

● Number of pages
● Number of words
● Technical/Non-technical
● File Type: Editable/Non-Editable
● Time required to translate

Chinese-to-English Translation Services For The World’s Largest Nation

One billion prospective clients. Over the past few years, the GDP has grown by 10%. the world &   largest middle class.

It is simple to understand why startups and businesses looking to grow their revenue choose China as a business hub. However, even in the current global environment, your strategy cannot be the same for every country therefore creating a product and marketing plan that is carefully tailored to your new client is vital.

We are here to help you in every stage. For more details contact us.